“You have a beautiful sole".

Beautiisoles is a new collection of women’s footwear that seeks to reconcile the often fraught relationship between style and comfort.

Daniella Clarke and Robyn Shreiber

The shoes are created by snack food manufacturing executive Robyn Shreiber and fashion designer Daniella Clarke, who is the founder of the trendsetting women’s denim brand Frankie B. Beautiisoles finally debunks the industry cliche that one must suffer for fashion.

“We are an affordable luxury shoe brand with an emphasis on comfort,” explains Shreiber, who came up with the idea for the brand due to a rather alarming foot injury, which developed after years of wearing uncomfortable shoes. When not jet setting around the world securing new partnerships as the VP of Sales for National Accounts for J&J Snack Foods, Shreiber impresses as a highly competitive ballroom dancer.

In early 2018, after competing in New York, the injury reached a critical point, requiring emergency surgery. Not one to be sidelined, just a few weeks later, Shreiber embarked on a safari to Tanzania with a group from her 501c3 charity (ROBYN & ITALO’S DANCE EVENTS RIDE) that she oversees with her dance partner. Halfway around the world, self-nursing her foot back into dancing shape, while lamenting the still maddeningly unfortunate state of women’s footwear, Shreiber finally decided “I’m going to do something about this”.

Upon returning to the States in April, 2018, Shreiber immediately began taking meetings with shoe manufacturers in Los Angeles, where she resides. Shortly thereafter, Shreiber ran into Daniella Clarke, her long time super-stylish neighbor, who she calls “the most famous woman in jeans". Shreiber knew right away that Clarke, who sold the successful Frankie B. brand in 2011, and has a clear, twenty-year history as a fashion disrupter, would be the perfect collaborator to take what would become Beautiisoles to the next level.

“I”ve always had a passion for shoes", says Clarke. “I’m completely shoe obsessed, and yet women have been struggling with this fashion dilemma for decades.”

Shreiber would incorporate the clinical knowledge regarding structure, a wider toe box, and greater heel support, all of which she gleaned from her personal experience consulting with her doctors, while Clarke ensured the final design was nothing short of gorgeous. It was essential for the pair that aesthetics, function and fun exceed industry standards. “Using cutting edge technology for an ever-expanding range of silhouettes, our shoes will absorb shock, wick sweat, and provide antibacterial properties", notes Clarke.

“From boots, pumps, sandals, and mules,” says Clarke, “we have multiple looks, fabrications and colors for any occasion; everything from a hot date to a board meeting.”

Beautiisoles' with two ‘ii’s’ is created by two women, and two concepts - most importantly, for every woman.